Best idea that hasn’t been announced yet: If Cronkite’s family approves, NASA should take Cronkite’s ashes up on the next shuttle mission and release them in space, giving him the opportunity to take the trip he always wanted and orbit the planet for eternity.

Best part of last night’s Cronkite tribute on CBS: the clip of him reporting LBJ’s death. He’d gotten a call during a commercial break from a former presidential aide, who was giving him the details, but they weren’t finished when the spots ended. So, on camera, Cronkite put up his index finger to tell the viewers “hang on a second” while he kept the phone to his ear and gathered information. Then he calmly reported the news as he had just learned it. Classic.

Worst part of last night’s Cronkite tribute on CBS: when the show ended, the next thing we saw on the network was cheesy reality show “Big Brother.” I wonder what Walter would have thought of that.