Phil Rosenthal of the Chicago Tribune was on fire on Twitter last night after Paula Abdul announced that she won’t return to “American Idol.” Here are his ten best tweets of the evening:

  • How will Idol explain Paula’s exit? Does Radar announce her chopper crashed?
  • Paula Abdul quits as Idol judge, wanted promotion to Supreme Court
  • Pete Best to Paula: You are so much better off without them
  • Maybe Paula Abdul will be like George Costanza and show up for work as if she never quit.
  • This just in: Paula Abdul is running for governor of Alaska
  • Paula Abdul — coming soon to a milk carton near you.
  • Paula by freeway exit with sign: Will tell you you’re great for food
  • Think Paula Abdul’s resignation was one of Kim Jong Il’s demands?
  • Wait till she finds what those meds cost without a health plan.
  • Paula Abdul and Brian Dunkleman are going to have a good laugh about this someday

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