Congratulations to Dr. Mehmet Oz, the TV-ready doctor who is the only person to win a Pigasus two years in a row. Pigasus is the award from the James Randi Educational Foundation bestowed on those who promote pseudo-science, quackery, para-normal nonsense, etc. As far as I’m concerned, Oprah Winfrey and ABC News deserve to share Oz’s Pigasus for giving him the TV platform he so richly does not deserve.

Other 2011 recipients of Pigasus Awards: CVS Pharmacy for continuing to sell homeopathic medications, NASA engineer Richard Hoover for claiming there’s life on meteorites, televangelist Peter Popoff for his “supernatural debt relief” infomercials, and Andrew Wakefield for continuing to propagate the vaccines-cause-autism lie.

Details on this year’s Pigasus winners are here.

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