I have set the DVR for — but haven’t yet seen — “Leaving Neverland,” the four-hour documentary HBO will air tonight and tomorrow about two men who say Michael Jackson abused them when they were boys. Jackson’s estate sued to try to prevent the film from being shown, but after a positive response at the Sundance Film Festival, the project was going to see the light of day one way or the other.

That may turn out to be good because, with the vast change in societal attitudes about believing victims, I’ll bet that Jackson’s image takes a big hit. In fact, I won’t be surprised when radio stations play less of his music — if any — as the public’s perception of him changes considerably. I’m not saying he’ll become as much of a pariah as Bill Cosby, but perhaps more people’s eyes will be opened as they accept the claims of the abused.

How deep that impact goes remains to be seen, but I guarantee it creates a ton of buzz across social media in the next 48 hours. I’ll write more on this subject after viewing the documentary.