Saturday night, before the killing of Osama Bin Laden took over every conversation in Washington, the White House Correspondents Association held their annual dinner, with “Saturday Night Live” head writer Seth Meyers as the headliner.

I’ve never liked Meyers’ delivery — on “Weekend Update” he always seems to sell the joke too hard — but his material at the dinner was strong enough to carry the night.  In particular, the crowd really enjoyed his shots at Donald Trump, who sat humorlessly at his table thinking “that’s not funny, but at least the C-SPAN cameras are on me, and that’s all that matters.”  For awhile there, it almost seemed like Trump was being roasted (if Jeffrey Ross had showed up, it would have been on Comedy Central). Even President Obama took a few shots at Mr. Apprentice.

I’m not going to embed Meyers and Obama’s speeches, but here’s a piece of video that was part of the President’s presentation, a parody of this year’s Oscar winner for Best Picture