I don’t think we’re hearing enough about the health problems of people who have gotten the coronavirus but didn’t die. While some have recuperated with no side effects, others have sustained physical damage that will be long-lasting beyond their lungs. Therefore, I’d like to see more emphasis on the overall number of cases — closing in on 3.5 million in the USA — rather than merely the deaths.

If you cheer on the Liar-In-Chief when he tweets “Law and Order!” but then refuse to wear a mask in locales where it’s required by order of the people who make the laws, you’re a hypocrite.

There is a very good chance there will be no high school football in Texas this fall. In Texas.

Over the last few weeks, there have been several reports of kids getting COVID-19 at summer camp. Where they spend most of their time outside. And you think you can re-open schools without the classrooms serving as giant petri dishes?

After doing everything but literally throwing his arms around the Liar-In-Chief last week, the CEO of Goya Foods was shocked when there was a call from some quarters to boycott the company’s food. He claims such action amounts to “suppression of speech.” No, it doesn’t. It would be suppression if someone stopped him from stepping up to that microphone and expressing his thoughts — like Trump’s lawyers keep trying (and failing) to do every time someone writes a negative book about him. Don’t confuse “suppression of speech” with “consequences for saying or doing something stupid.”

I can’t get out of my mind this quote to the Daily Beast from an ER nurse in Charleston, South Carolina:  “We’re going to be worse than New York, but at least in New York, people took the virus seriously. Here, we’re in a war zone that people refuse to accept.”