Although I played his music many, many times during my radio DJ years, I have no personal stories to share about Eddie Van Halen because I never interviewed him or saw his band in concert. However, I do remember when his guitar solo on “Beat It” caused rock stations with almost exclusively-white playlists (exceptions: Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, Phil Lynott of “Thin Lizzy”) to play a Michael Jackson song in heavy rotation for the first time. I never got one call of complaint from my listeners, but plenty of requests for it.

Sad fact: Taiwan, a county of 23 million people, has had fewer people come down with COVID-19 than Trump’s White House.

I’m sorry to hear that Netflix has cancelled “GLOW.” It had been renewed for a fourth season, but the coronavirus forced production to shut down before those episodes could be shot. Truth be told, while I enjoyed the first three seasons, I can’t for the life of me remember what happened in the last one.

Wired magazine runs a contest each month, asking readers to come up with a six-word story based on a suggestion. For its October issue, the prompt was “In six words, write a story set in a world without paper.” I love the winner: “I keep losing at rock scissors.”

When ever I see someone wearing a mask over their mouth, but not their nose, I realize they don’t know the definition of “respiratory.”

There was an item this week in the NY Times about whales with beaks that can hold their breath underwater for over 3 hours. Wait, what? Whales with beaks? I wonder if they’re related to the tsetse flies (“Jose Grecos Del Muertos”) Vince Ricardo saw carrying away babies in the Guatemalan jungle…