It appears Trump’s strategy to play catch-up in the last two weeks before the election is to call Dr. Fauci — the most trusted man in America — an idiot. Brilliant! It’s as if America had requested a vision of what it’ll be like when the whole family is sitting around the Thanksgiving table next month. Now tell us more about toilets and dishwashers, Drunk Uncle Donnie!

Meanwhile, the presidential debates commission has announced that, in order to ensure each candidate can spend two minutes talking uninterrupted, the other candidate’s microphone will be muted Thursday night. But that does not mean Trump will shut up — he can still interrupt and harass Biden, and probably be heard through his opponent’s microphone and by his mask-less sycophants in the audience. Consider yourself warned.

What are the chances Louis CK shows up on “SNL” this weekend to play Jeffrey Toobin in a Zoom masturbation sketch?

I drove my wife to the county government building yesterday so she could drop off her absentee ballot. While there, I noticed a “voting line” outside the other door, with over 100 people waiting patiently, despite a cold drizzling rain. Since Missouri doesn’t have “early voting,” I wondered what was going on. It turns out they were there for “in-person absentee voting,” which sure sounds like an oxymoron. As for me, I still plan to cast my vote at our local polling place on election day, as I have for every presidential election since I was 18. I think I’ll probably take a lawn chair and earbuds just in case there’s a long line, though.

I have discovered a nice way to avoid having to hear Joe Buck and Troy Aikman’s cliché-filled broadcasts of NFL games on Fox. For the Thursday night games (which this week included the Chiefs-Bills on Monday afternoon), it turns out Amazon Prime Video uses the same video feed but offers an alternate audio stream with Hannah Storm doing play-by-play and Andrea Kremer offering analysis. This option’s apparently been available for a couple of years, but I just stumbled upon it. While Storm and Kremer are clearly not at the stadium (probably some studio in New York), they are a pleasure to listen to, and offer the real insight I expect from two smart, veteran sportscasters — who just happen to be women. It’s a refreshing alternative to all the ex-jocks in the broadcast booth of every other NFL game.

Flicking through the channels the other night, I came upon Francis Ford Coppola’s 1986 movie, “Peggy Sue Got Married,” and was stunned to see how many familiar names were in the supporting cast. I only watched the opening scenes at the high school reunion, but — besides stars Kathleen Turner and Nicolas Cage — I spotted Barry Miller (from “Fame”), Jim Carrey, Joan Allen, Lisa Jane Persky, Wil Shriner, Catherine Hicks, and Helen Hunt. Oh, and Marshall Crenshaw’s band was on stage in the gym. Major kudos to casting director Pennie DuPont for finding so many future stars to populate the movie.