Pepsi has updated its logo for the first time in 15 years. Reports say it took months to reimagine the look, which the company’s Chief Design Officer Mauro Porcini says will “infuse great energy and confidence and boldness.” Because those are the three words you care most about when buying a soda. I don’t know how much they spent on the process, but I’ll bet they won’t earn it back with sales growth attributable solely to the logo. What I want to know is what the hell were they thinking with the original logo (above, top left), which adorned Pepsi bottles and ads from 1898 to 1904? I’ve seen eye tests that were easier to read.

I wonder how all the right-wing fascists in Missouri who think drag queens are more dangerous than AR-15s feel about the musical “Tootsie” playing at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis.

Oh, the things I hear at the poker table. For instance, the drunk guy trying to convince the rest of us that Jack Nicholson started the restaurant chain Jack In The Box. Another beer for seat four, please!

Stupidest thing I heard myself say yesterday, to a server bringing our lunch on several plates simultaneously: “You’re good at carrying things.” My daughter rolled her eyes so much she looked like a slot machine. Meanwhile, the server took it well and replied, “That’s a good skill in this job. Thanks!” Then she likely went in the back and told her colleagues, “You won’t believe what this old man just said to me!”