The other day, I was in a supermarket with a layout I was unfamiliar with. As I searched for a bag of Chunky Chips Ahoy cookies, I passed an aisle with an overhead sign that read, “Snack Crackers / Snack Nuts / Snack Jerky.” I don’t eat the stuff, but isn’t all jerky considered a snack? Is there a brand of entree jerky I’ve never heard of?

I had been playing poker for several hours recently and was trying to decide whether it was time to go home. Then the seat opened up next to me and was filled by a guy who immediately started spouting Trump bullshit. Decision made, I picked up my chips and walked out.

Has anyone ever gotten those last few bits of peanut butter out of a big jar without getting their knuckles full of peanut butter, too?

It’s been a long time since I got a spam call from “Rachel with Card Services.” I hope she’s okay.