Comparing the ratings thus far for NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics to those from 2016 is disingenuous, at best, in a world where there are so many more viewing options than five years ago. The size of the pie hasn’t changed, but expecting the slices to remain similarly large in a bakery full of options is unrealistic.

No Olympics participants have a more intense look on their faces than the ones about to serve in a doubles table tennis match. “Be the ball, Danny…”

I don’t want to say the judges at the Olympics are really tough this year, but they just deducted two-tenths of a point because I had too big a splash at the end of my last thought.

The IOC missed a big commercial tie-in opportunity at this year’s Olympics by not having the archery participants take on the skeet-shooters in a staged reproduction of the attack on Themiscyra island from the first “Wonder Woman” movie.

You know you have a gambling problem when you lose big on an Olympic badminton event, then try to get it all back by doubling down on a canoe slalom semi-final.

I can’t wait for the next Summer Olympics, when they introduce a new gymnastics event: the uneven askew bars.