It’s time to stop having musical performances accompany the In Memoriam segments of awards shows. Too often, the director shifts the focus from the montage of dead people to the live one who’s singing, completely missing the point of that portion of the broadcast.

Similarly, there’s no reason to have a DJ on stage playing pre-recorded music when you already have a sound person in the booth who’s been doing that for decades (and is probably in the union!).

Speaking of awards shows, the Emmys should be retitled TV Shows You Didn’t Know Existed. And in the case of Pop TV’s “Schitt’s Creek,” which swept the comedy categories, TV Shows You Didn’t Know Existed That Are Broadcast On Networks You Don’t Know How To Watch.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Quibi (a streaming service founded by Jeffrey Katzenberg) is exploring strategic options including a possible sale. I have no idea what’s on Quibi or how to watch it, but I’ll start the bidding at five dollars.

Because people have nothing else to argue about, there’s a debate in the Twitterverse about whether Fox News Channel is truly balanced. It’s a dumb question. That network has always been exactly as balanced as a seesaw with a hummingbird sitting on one end and me on the other.