Jerry Seinfeld did a web series this summer called “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” with guests like Ricky Gervais, Larry David, and Bob Einstein. Some of the episodes were funny, some were boring, some were overly self-indulgent. But this week’s is the best of the bunch because it features Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks sitting in Reiner’s living room, where the two comedy legends and friends of 62 years spend every night eating dinner off TV trays while watching “Jeopardy” and movies now that their wives are gone. They tell stories, they do shtick, they get mustard on their faces, and Seinfeld realizes that Mel has no idea what he does in his stand-up act.

After you watch those 17 minutes, click on the Spare Parts at the bottom of that site and watch the first one, in which they talk about ending a TV show at its peak — as both “Seinfeld” and Reiner’s “Dick Van Dyke Show” did — despite network entreaties (and big checks) to continue.