There are times when I make a simple request of Siri and she (I’m using that pronoun because I’ve assigned a female Australian voice to her — your mileage may vary) doesn’t do anything for a couple of seconds. Then she says, “One moment” or “Still working” or “I’m on it!”

I quickly learned that when this happens, it either means the AI software didn’t fully understand what I asked for or it was too busy having an argument with ChatGPT about when to use an ellipsis. So, I try my request again and it usually works by the second or third time. This is not a problem Joaquin Phoenix ever experienced with Scarlett Johansson in “Her.”

Those moments always remind me of Ron Carey as Brophy, the chauffeur in “High Anxiety,” who struggles to pick up a large piece of Mel Brooks’ luggage while assuring him he doesn’t need help: “I got it! I got it! I got it!”

Eventually, he admits, “I ain’t got it.” If only Siri were smart enough to learn how to admit that.

Yes, I know I’ve mentioned Mel Brooks quite a bit in the last week, but this is the last one. Probably.