Is it just me or are most of the quarterbacks in the league purposely imitating Aaron Rodgers’ deep, throaty signals at the line of scrimmage?

I enjoy rooting for Patrick Mahomes as he drives opponents crazy, but he really bugs me when he goes to the sideline and puts on a mask that only covers his mouth, leaving his nose exposed. That’s the coronavirus equivalent of wearing a mouth guard without a helmet.

In working with entrepreneurs on their investor pitches, I always tell them to speak like a regular person, not like a CEO. I’d give similar advice to Adam Amin who, in calling yesterday’s Packers-Lions game on Fox, referred to the first down marker as the “line to gain” and called the first quarter “the opening frame.” No NFL fan has ever used either of those phrases, so knock it off!

Why have NFL kickers gotten so much worse at FGs and PATs? I don’t recall ever seeing this many misses in one season. Yesterday alone, there were five point-afters and eleven field goals missed (including four by Dan Bailey of the Vikings). The only positive kicking news this weekend was Sarah Fuller of Vanderbilt becoming the first woman to score in a Power Five college football game when she put two PATs through the uprights.

It has been five months since Washington dropped the racist name of its team without announcing a replacement. How hard is it? Go for something topical like The Vaccines, since DC is already known as the franchise that’s 95% effective — at not making the playoffs.If I were a gambling man, I’d bet that Cleveland’s baseball team (which is also finally dropping its racist name) comes up with a new franchise moniker first.

Which of these matchups would you least want to watch: two teams from the NFC East playing each other or the Jaguars playing the Jets?