It’s true that the US Postal Service doesn’t make a profit. Neither do the Fire Department, the Police Department, the entire Department Of Defense, nor the US Secret Service. Funny, I don’t hear Trump calling for cutbacks in the latter, like leaving him unprotected every time he plays golf.

The funniest thing about the first episode of this season’s “Hard Knocks: Los Angeles” on HBO was seeing big, hulking Rams and Chargers players — who are regularly concussed by other large men who weigh over 300 pounds — wincing in fear at the thought of a 110-pound nurse putting Q-tips up their noses to check for COVID.

Nate Silver’s latest forecast at FiveThirtyEight has Biden with a 72% chance of winning the presidency, with Trump at 28%. That may seem like a daunting lead, but poker players know 28% is about the chance of an opponent hitting their flush or open-ended straight draw after the flop. If it happens in November, it will be the worst bad beat we’ve ever taken. Incidentally, Silver had similar numbers for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Stephen Colbert has to get rid of the sycophantic laughter from his wife and crew members during his monologue. It sounds like he’s the leader of a mediocre Morning Zoo radio show desperate for giggles and guffaws from his sidekicks. Colbert should study Sam Bee, Trevor Noah, and John Oliver for lessons on how to tell several minutes of jokes in an audience-free room without taking awkward pauses for reactions.

Under Florida law, you can’t claim to be a resident of the state unless you spend at least 181 days per year there. That’s to prevent someone who buys a house or rents a condo there — but only stays in it during the winter — from claiming residency and taking advantage of the no-state-income-tax. Therefore, Trump should not be allowed to vote via absentee ballot in that state. He won’t qualify as a Florida resident until the end of July, 2021, six months after he’s kicked out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I wonder if, by then, Postal Service employees will forward his mail.

“Blockchain” is a buzzword you use when pitching VCs or accelerators (like the one I work with) an idea that isn’t really innovative or likely to succeed. “We’re going to make liverwurst popular again!” “How?” “Using blockchain!!”