One thing that makes viewing a movie or TV series via a streaming service better than watching on DVD is not having a sit through the opening DVD menu animation, which on some older movies can go on for 60 to 90 seconds. You know what I mean — the quick edit of special effects and scenes from what you’re about to watch before you get to the menu that allows you to press play and start the damned thing.

Even in an era when we have plenty of time on our hands because we’re home all day every day, we still get impatient when technology makes us waste even a minute. Netflix and Prime Video understand this, which is why there’s a “Skip Intro” option that allows you to bypass the opening credits of episodes of a show you’re binge-watching.

I’m sure the designers thought they were being very clever, but we just want to get to the actual content. No one ever bought a DVD because of the design of its menu.