If you’re looking for a streaming show to binge-watch, my wife and I suggest the BBC series “Shetland,” which is now on Netflix.

Based on a series of novels by Ann Cleeves, it takes place on the Shetland Islands in Scotland, where Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez has to solve murders and other crimes with his supporting team of cops and locals. On occasion, the brogue can be a bit difficult to understand (I’ll admit that we’ve turned on the closed captioning more than once), but you’ll still be able to follow what happens as he works each case.

Unlike other cop shows, there are no action sequences, no chases, no special effects, and no gun fights — I don’t think we’ve even seen a firearm in the eight episodes (of 14 total) we’ve watched. Like the early episodes of “Law and Order,” “Shetland” is merely about good cops investigating bad things by talking to anyone who might know something until they discover whodunnit.