Watching Trump introducing and thanking all these CEOs in the Rose Garden reminds me of Jerry Lewis bringing on his corporate sponsors for the telethon for their mandatory screentime in exchange for big checks.

It would have been nice for these CEOs to announce that they were offering paid sick leave for all their employees so they can stay home when they have symptons instead of going to work and infecting co-workers and shoppers.

When Trump says anything he’s done is so much better than in other countries, I think of the runner so far behind in a race he can’t see the others have already crossed the finish line, so he thinks he’s first.

I’ve heard thirteen-year-olds read their Bar and Bat Mitzvah texts out loud — in Hebrew! — with more confidence than Trump. And none of them ad-libbed extra phrases about how they were the best Torah readers ever.

Quite discomforting to see Trump — who has been exposed to people who have the coronavirus — shaking hands with everyone he introduces, followed by all of them touching the microphone. This whole event should have been sponsored by Purell.

‪If you’ve ever had a medical professional swab your nose or mouth, you know it takes less than a minute. Why, then, does it have to be scheduled for Trump? How about as soon as you walk back inside, considering there’s a full medical team on site at the White House at all times?‬