Time magazine’s TV critic James Poniewozik has an epic history of “Mad Men” in the current issue, so I invited him to talk about the show and its impact. Among the questions I asked:

  • Was the show about Don Draper falling through his life, as he does in the title animation?
  • Why didn’t we see more of Don Draper doing what he does best — creating ad campaigns (e.g. the Carousel slide projector)?
  • While Don may have been the central character, wasn’t Peggy was the soul of the show?
  • Are you happy with the way Betty, Pete, and Joan’s stories have ended?
  • What about the growth of both actress Kieren Shipka and her character, Sally Draper?
  • “The Sopranos” changed TV dramas — what was the impact of “Mad Men”?
  • Did AMC give creator Matthew Weiner a lot of freedom from the beginning?
  • How much did the show obsess about getting even the smallest details right?
  • Did the show lose its way at any point in its run?

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Read James Poniewozik’s history of “Mad Men” here.