I’ve put in ten hours watching “The Man In The High Castle” on Amazon, but I’m still not sure I like it.

The show’s concept (from a Phillip K. Dick novel) is intriguing — what would the US be like if the allies had lost World War II and our nation was controlled by Nazis in the east and Japanese in the west? — and its direction and cast of unknowns are uniformly solid, but there’s something about it that drives me crazy.

Though its plot isn’t at all like “Homeland,” it shares one problem with that series — the good guys never get to win, even small victories. Plus, there’s the twist-under-a-twist-under-a-double-agent-under-a-surprise-agenda that can ruin a series. I went through this with “Lost,” always waiting for answers but only getting more questions.

I’m glad to see original dramas getting more outlets, but I’m not sure that when “High Castle” returns for its second season, I’ll be watching.