When Michael Cohen reports to prison in March, I wonder if any of the other inmates will turn to him for legal advice. You know, the old Jailhouse Lawyer trope. Considering the reasons he’s going into the slammer, that might not be the best idea.

I have no data on how much more time people spend in the bathroom than they used to, but I’m gonna ballpark it at 5-7 minutes. The reason? In addition to the biological needs, they also have to pull out their phones and check social media to see if anyone’s talking about how long they take in the bathroom.

A few weeks ago, after I wrote about my frustration with Netflix not offering email updates that tell me everything new on the service each week, several readers told me that the company does, in fact, offer such a newsletter-by-email. I signed up for it, but still found it lacking, because instead of a full list, it uses the famed Netflix algorithms to suggest items that are similar to movies and TV shows I’ve watched before. As a human, however, I’d like the power to see the entire roster and make my own choices, which would allow me to perhaps expand my range of interests or see something completely unrelated to what I’ve already seen. Since Netflix doesn’t get that job done, I still subscribe to the updates from a third-party site, New On Netflix USA.