On Sunday,¬†Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs became the first quarterback to throw 4 touchdowns in the second quarter of a post-season game since Doug Williams did it at Super Bowl XXII in 1988. I was at that game — as well as the insane parade in DC two days later, which I wrote about in a piece called The Day I Almost Died For Cereal.

My friend Mark Evanier wrote an on-the-money piece about how unimportant the results of the Iowa caucuses are — regardless of the excessive attention they get from the news media. He points out that the last three Republicans to win in Iowa were never-gonna-be-presidents Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, and Mike Huckabee.

The Critics Choice Awards aired last night on The CW at the same time the Packers-Seahawks playoff game was on Fox. Why would the Critics Choice Association (the new name this year, following the merger of the Broadcast Film and Television Critics Associations) not move it to another night? Granted, the weekend primetime TV schedule is pretty busy this time of year, but why not move the show to the middle of the week? I’m pretty sure tuxedoes and gowns are cheaper to rent on Wednesdays.