The 2018 NFL pre-season is underway, complete with the new rule banning runners and receivers from putting their heads down, which will supposedly cut down on the number of concussions and similar head injuries. But that hasn’t stopped the players from celebrating by banging helmets with each other when they score a touchdown or make a great tackle. They also still like slapping each other in the head on those occasions. After several years of discussions about brain trauma, how about a simple high-five or chest-thump, guys?

Why do people drive around with the name of a car dealer on the back of their car, thus giving them free advertising? I didn’t allow the roofer to paint his company’s name on top of my house when he replaced all of my shingles after a hailstorm, nor do I freely display the name of my insurance company on anything I own, nor is the guy who cuts my grass allowed to do so in a manner that leaves his name in a pattern on my lawn. I’m not the ideal car customer anyway, since we buy ’em and keep ’em for over a decade before purchasing a new one, but when I do, I tell them not to put one of their customized holders around the license plate or have their logo painted on the back of the trunk lid. I have a couple of friends in that business whom I like and wish well, but if I’m going to drive around plugging your dealership every day, you’d better pay me for the rolling billboard privilege or give me a substantial discount on my vehicle in the first place.

What is it with men pissing on toilet seats in public bathrooms? Are they too lazy to lift the lid? I don’t care how confident you feel about your urine-aiming abilities, you’re not that good. Don’t believe me? Ask any woman you’ve ever lived with, all the way back to your mother. In the men’s room, use the urinal, which is built to handle your wide spray, and leave the stall seats for the guys who have to sit down to take care of business, please!