1. LeVar Burton, who wasn’t hired to host “Jeopardy!” after an underwhelming tryout earlier this year, has been signed to be the face of yet another TV version of Trivial Pursuit. It will be produced by the content studio at Hasbro. That’s right, board games now have content studios. There were three previous attempts at a Trivial Pursuit syndicated show, but they each only lasted a year. I doubt this one will do much better because, to my knowledge, there’s virtually no current buzz for a brand that peaked over 20 years ago. Just like LeVar.
  2. I got a kick out of the HBO Max limited series, “Starstruck.” Created by and starring Rose Matafeo, it starts with her character (Jessie) drunkenly sleeping with a movie star (Tom) on New Year’s Eve. Then each of the five subsequent episodes update Jessie’s millennial life in London over the course of a year, from relationships with friends and family, to two dead-end jobs, to the prospect of ever reconnecting with her famous fling. “Starstruck” is an easy binge-watch, with episodes running 22-25 minutes apiece, and a nice supporting cast that doesn’t get in the way of Jessie’s often-awkward adventures.
  3. Does anyone laugh at the jokes on SNL’s Weekend Update more than its anchors, Colin Jost and Michael Che? They act like they’ve never heard the material before, then look at each other as if they can’t believe what the other one just said — despite being the show’s head writers and thus approving everything before it goes on the cue cards.