“Mythbusters” might just be the coolest show on TV — it’s certainly must-see in my house — so I was glad to have co-host Adam Savage back on my show this afternoon after spending some time with him last weekend at The Amazing Meeting.

We talked about the recent episode where he and Jamie tested how to get out of a car that’s sinking in the water, where it seemed that he was really freaking out on camera, and how close they are allowed to get to any real danger. He also reminisced about his pre-Mythbuster days appearing in a Billy Joel music video (“You’re Only Human”) and working on the special effects team at Industrial Light and Magic on such movies as “Galaxy Quest,” “Star Wars Episodes 1 and 2,” and more.

Adam revealed some insider stuff, like how they often work on multiple myths at the same time, how Kari, Grant and Tori became part of the team, and how he and the other Mythbusters use the internet for research, ideas, and lots of fan feedback.

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