I’ve mentioned before that “Kid Nation” is must-see TV in my house, mostly because of my 13-year-old daughter, who can see herself in many of the kids living in Bonanza City.

So today, I invited Tom Forman (executive producer of “Kid Nation”) to talk about the show, the controversy he had to deal with in the months before its debut, and the reaction of the kids and parents now that they’ve seen how they’re portrayed on the show (especially Taylor, the 10-year-old beauty queen who won’t do dishes). We discussed that gulp-inducing scene a couple of weeks ago where one of the cowboy kids went out into a field to face down a bull, and whether he regrets casting kids as young as 8-year-old Jimmy, who left the show in tears to go back to his mom and dad.

I also asked Forman if he’s already planning a second season of the show and, if so, where he can do it after the child-labor-law outcry following his production of this season in New Mexico.

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