When — not if — Trump fires Dr. Anthony Fauci (longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), CNN or MSNBC should immediately give him a daily show.

Let him address the latest developments, answer viewer questions, and advise us. Even if he’s not on the White House Task Force, he’ll still have plenty of vital information being fed to him that he can share with us. With that platform, no longer tied to the Liar In Chief, Fauci can continue to be our most trusted leader on Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the right wing’s new message — being repeated by its media propaganda arms of Fox News and talk radio, as well as by some GOP officials — is “damn the deaths, we have to get back to work!” Yet I notice that most of the people spewing such nonsense don’t have jobs that require them to be around a lot of other people all day long.

If they no longer want to shelter at home, they should volunteer to help out at a local hospital where, since they won’t mind catching COVID-19, they can work without masks and other personal protective equipment. Maybe they could even ask the really bad cases in ICU to cough in their faces — but only on the condition that when the deniers get sick, they will not be put in one of the hospital beds and ventilators we’re desperately short of.

If you really mean it when you say, “I’d rather die than kill the country,” step right up! In fact, maybe all of you who believe such idiocy should contact the Carnival cruise people and head out to sea together. I’m sure some of you can fill in for the ship’s crew, cooks, and cleaning staff whose lives are more important than yours and thus should not be forced to work in such an environment.

Volunteers? No? Then shut the fuck up while the rest of us stay home.