1) I just turned on NBC to see how Jimmy Fallon’s new “Late Night” show is doing, and they’re having a major sound problem — his mike doesn’t seem to be on. The studio audience can apparently hear him, because they’re reacting as usual, and we can hear them (and the band), but not one word of Fallon’s monologue is making it to my TV’s speakers. Update at 11:50pm: after a commercial break, Fallon’s back, his mike is on, and Regis Philbin is in the guest chair, carrying the show by telling classic Regis stories. But it turns out that this is a rerun from March 23rd. Why would NBC rerun a show with a gaping technical problem? More importantly, since Fallon starting doing “Late Night” less than two months ago, why is he already taking a vacation week?2) I had some free time this afternoon, so I went to see “I Love You, Man.” Paul Rudd is always enjoyable, Jason Segal’s funny, JK Simmons and Jane Curtin play Rudd’s parents, Jaime Pressly and Jon Favreau steal a few scenes as a married couple that shouldn’t be married, and Lou Ferrigno’s in there, too. The weird part: the movie is about a guy (Rudd) who is getting married, but has no male friends he can ask to be his best man. And there I was sitting alone in the theater — except for one other guy, several rows away.3) Dish Network has something new on Channel 212. It’s a live shot of Earth from a camera on one of their satellites. Not exactly something I’m going to watch often (or record on the DVR), but pretty cool nonetheless.