Pundits say even if the Democrats in the House do impeach Trump, there’s no way the spineless Republicans in the Senate will convict him in an impeachment trial. The same was said about Nixon, until enough GOP Senators decided his corruption and coverup were too much even for them. When faced with that political reality, Nixon quit rather than face the disgrace.

I don’t think there’s any chance Trump would give up the presidency willingly, because he’d never believe he did anything wrong. But if he did step down, imagine this scenario. What if the evidence shows that Mike Pence was involved in all of this and he also gets impeached and removed? Then you know who becomes president? Nancy Pelosi. Talk about playing the long game.

Speaking of Pence, he recently went to give a speech on Mackinac Island in Michigan, where cars are banned. Naturally, he arrived in an eight-vehicle motorcade, because he and his GOP colleagues respect the law.

And speaking of respect, can anyone remember when the entire country looked up to Rudy Giuliani? It was less than two decades ago.

Trump has started calling the whistleblower — whose identity he doesn’t know — “a spy.” Doesn’t pretty much everyone who works at the CIA qualify for that title? “Spy” is only a bad thing when it’s preceded by “their,” but a good thing when it follows “our.”

According to the whistleblower’s complaint, White House lawyers have been diverting politically troubling records of presidential calls into highly classified storage to hide them from scrutiny.  Finally, a use for Al Gore’s lockbox!

Saw this on Facebook today: “Imagine if a woman president got on Twitter every morning to complain about people being mean and unfair to her. Weak. Hysterical. Shrill. Bitch. Unfit to lead.” Yep!