I’ve been enjoying “Close Up With The Hollywood Reporter,” a Sundance series in which Lacey Rose, senior television reporter for that trade magazine, has a roundtable conversation with a half-dozen actors, directors, or showrunners to talk about their respective TV series. The new episodes air Sunday mornings, but you can also stream past episodes (including Drama Actresses and Comedy Actors) on the show’s website.

I’ve admired Jim Jeffries for quite a while as one of the best touring comedians around. Earlier this year, I went to The Pageant to see him do his standup show, and was glad I did. The highlight was a 12-minute piece about his battle with his girlfriend about having their baby son vaccinated. Jeffries doesn’t shy away from including very personal details in his stories, and this one ended with a surprising twist, with a lot of laughs along the way. I’m happy to say you can now see that routine as part of his full, 90-minute special, “Freedumb,” streaming on Netflix. In it, he also goes after Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, and America’s obsession with itself. Great stuff.