From the Riverfront Times:

A measure recently approved by St. Louis County Council asks county employees to simply keep it in their pants. Approved Tuesday, a bill introduced by Councilman Tim Fitch bans county employees from engaging in sexual acts while on county property.

The rule may seem a no-brainer, but apparently employees need to be reminded not to have sex at their workplaces after a leaked video in June showed a former St. Louis County employee having sex with a woman in the county administration building. Calvin Harris, former chief of staff for County Executive Sam Page, resigned shortly after the video surfaced as the person in the video was wearing his name badge and appeared to be him.

You wouldn’t think you need a law for this. It should have been mentioned in the employee handbook everyone gets on day one (but never reads). Apparently, though, when you don’t specifically tell your staff what they can’t do on company property, you end up with meetings like this…