Yesterday, I doubted that Las Vegas casinos would see a lot of business once they re-open, because I couldn’t imagine large numbers of people wanting to be in close proximity to so many others. I think I may have to rescind that prediction in light of two incidents that occurred this weekend.

One was in Castle Rock, Colorado, where a coffee shop that was open illegally was full of people yesterday, with no social distancing and no one wearing masks — because nothing says Mother’s Day better than catching a deadly disease!

The other was a TJ Maxx store in Arkansas packed with shoppers — most of whom were also not wearing masks while standing near each other.

Based on those two incidents, and knowing there are many more idiots ready to duplicate them nationwide, perhaps casinos in Las Vegas, St. Louis, and elsewhere will, in fact, see people show up en masse. But you’ll have to tell me about it, because I won’t be there.

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: we are not all in this together.