When you’re running for office, it helps to have famous friends who can help you out. Bridget Mary McCormack is a law professor at the University of Michigan who is running for the state supreme court. That’s not an office where a candidacy gets a lot of PAC money support or buys a lot of TV time.

But Bridget has an ace up her sleeve — her sister is Mary McCormack, who was on “The West Wing” in its last few seasons, and Mary got some of her fellow cast members — Martin Sheen, Allison Janney, Bradley Whitford, Richard Schiff, Joshua Malina, Lily Tomlin, Janel Moloney, and Melissa Fitzgerald (Dule Hill was out of town) — to reprise their roles in a clever ad for her sister. Malina has been teasing people on Twitter by posting photos purportedly shot during the filming of a “West Wing” movie, but were obviously from the set of this ad. Would Mrs. Landingham approve?