Wow, it didn’t take long for media outlets to discover that portions of Melania Trump’s speech tonight were plagiarized from Michele Obama’s speech at the 2008 Democrat convention. That’s probably not what her husband intended when he made his WWE-like smoke-and-lights entrance to introduce her. By the way, Melania is on the record with Matt Lauer saying that she wrote the speech. If that’s the case — and there was no professional speechwriter helping her — then she’s been caught like a sixth-grader copying paragraphs from Wikipedia to finish an essay.

The irony is that the portions of the speech Melania lifted from Michelle have to do with living up to your promises (as Trump did with his wedding vows with his first two wives), how you have to work hard to be successful (especially if your multi-millionaire father sets you up), and to respect other people (like her husband constantly does with name-calling, race-baiting, and personal attacks).

I’d bet that, like him, she has convinced herself that she originated everything and has done nothing wrong. That’s the mark of class that the Trumps stand for. They live a lie.

There’s a must-read in The New Yorker about Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter for “The Art Of The Deal,” the book that set up the false image of a mega-successful businessman that Trump has lived on for so many years. In the piece, Schwartz explains how he created that vision of Trump and how much he regrets it. He says that if he were writing the book today, it would be called “The Sociopath.”