Jim Gaffigan’s new standup special on Amazon Prime, “Quality Time,” had me laughing out loud several times. It’s much better than his last, even with more than ten minutes of horse-related jokes in the middle. He also doesn’t do nearly as much material about his family, but thankfully his internal voice is still audible.

Speaking of comedians, I’ve never watched either of the dumb-looking sitcoms Whitney Cummings created and ran (“Whitney” and “2 Broke Girls”), but her Netflix special “Can I Touch It” is pretty damned good. At the end, when she rolls out a sex robot made to look just like her, she takes it to another level. Really clever.

My wife walked into the room while I was watching the first episode of “The Boys” on Amazon Prime and asked, “Are you watching a show about superheroes?” Indeed I was, and I kept watching through all ten episodes, thanks to the twist: the ones with superpowers are not the good guys! Elizabeth Shue is great as the woman that runs the superhero business, from personal appearances to military contracts to recruiting new characters in capes. Yes, this was a comic book series that was turned into a TV show, but I know nothing about its history and just went along for the fun ride.

Season three of “Glow” on Netflix moves the lady wrestlers to Las Vegas where, sadly, Marc Maron’s character doesn’t have much to do. But Betty Gilpin really steps it up, Alison Brie finds new nuances to her character, and the other women each get their own storyline over the season. I’m not sure how much more the showrunners can do with them, but the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling are worth a good binge-watch again.

Meanwhile, I can’t believe we have to wait two more weeks for new episodes of “Jeopardy!”, but most of next week in our house will be consumed with hours upon hours of US Open tennis coverage. I’m secretly hoping Brad Gilbert gets a bad case of laryngitis that lasts through the whole tournament.