I am shocked that¬†Lorne Michaels has not yet hired Randy Rainbow for “Saturday Night Live.” True, his topical song parody videos don’t fit the “live” definition, but pre-recorded content has been part of that show from the beginning, when Albert Brooks contributed short films.

Since the series traditionally starts its new season in October — at which point it will likely still be problematic to have cast, crew, and audience members all jammed together into Studio 8H, thanks to COVID-19 — “SNL” could have bits from Rainbow take the place of the by-now-tired Alec Baldwin impression of the Liar-In-Chief in its cold open. It would give the show a guaranteed viral moment in every episode, something the rest of the cast’s at-home bits fail to achieve.

True, Rainbow would only have a few weeks before election day, but you don’t expect Trump to stop making headlines after all the ballots are counted, do you?

Here’s his latest…