Here’s a rare piece of comedy history.

In 1965, Woody Allen was in England filming the dreadful Bond satire “Casino Royale,” and agreed to do a half-hour TV show for a British network. At the time, he had not yet launched his career as a filmmaker, but was known for his work as a comedian who made lots of television appearances and had just released his now-classic album of standup routines. The show was essentially Woody working alone at a microphone, with one brief interlude for his friend Danny Meehan to sing a song. Then Woody returned to tell the following, one of his greatest stories (which I’m proud to say my daughter can recite verbatim).

So, how rare is this? To my knowledge, it’s the only filmed record of Woody doing standup — certainly the only one with Italian subtitles…

For the rest of this Grenada TV Woody Allen show, watch part one here and part two here.