You probably won’t notice it, but I spent the weekend cleaning up Harris Online.

Over the two decades that I’ve been blogging, in addition to my original content, I’ve posted lots of links to other sites under the categories of Picture Of The Day, Worth A Link, and In Case You Missed It. Unfortunately, in many cases, the original material — including lots of YouTube videos and, in some cases, entire websites that I linked to — has faded away, been removed, or is otherwise no longer accessible. In all, I have removed close to a thousand entries from this site.

However, among the 6,600+ posts that are still on Harris Online, you can still find more than 2,500 podcasts from my radio shows, plus hundreds of my columns and other items. I’ll keep posting new content for you to enjoy, at no charge.

In return, I ask one small favor: if you come across any links or graphics on this site that no longer go where they were supposed to, please let me know so I can scrub them away, too.