Doris Roberts, best known for her years as Marie Barone on “Everybody Loves Raymond,” died yesterday at age 90. She had a career that lasted over 60 years, and in April, 2003, she published her autobiography, “Are You Hungry, Dear?” That’s when I got a chance to talk with her about:

  • How she wasn’t even close to the first choice for the role of Ray Romano’s mother;
  • What her input was in creating the character;
  • The quality of the food on the set of “Raymond”;
  • Whether it’s too easy to make a studio audience laugh on a successful sitcom;
  • How much direction she needs on a set;
  • Having to audition for TV guests spots even after many years in the business;
  • Why Pierce Brosnan wasn’t allowed to leave “Remington Steele” to play James Bond;
  • Some of the other TV series and movies in which she played moms.

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