I was sitting in a St. Louis Bread Company cafe eating a bowl of soup today when a guy I know casually came over and asked if I was going to write something about Trump being indicted by a grand jury in New York. I told him no because, frankly, I have nothing much to add on the subject beyond what I wrote eleven days ago.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped everyone else from spouting off on the subject, even though they don’t know exactly what the 30+ charges against the Liar-In-Chief are. Some information has leaked, but whatever’s in the rest of that paperwork won’t become public until Tuesday, when he has to show up in New York for his arraignment.

Yesterday, I barely watched any of the cable news coverage because I knew the commentary would immediately break down along party lines, but I was impressed that CNN had multiple pundits-in-boxes on the air simultaneously within minutes of the NY Times breaking the story. That’s possible because of Zoom and other video platforms that allow anyone to chime in from anywhere anytime. Still the speed was dazzling, although none of those geniuses had any new ideas to discuss, either.

Speaking of party lines, I can’t help but laugh at right-wingers screaming about their hero being forced to face legal consequences for his actions, claiming it’s all a political witch hunt and the charges nothing more than an attempt to sway next year’s presidential election. They seem to have forgotten their 2016 chants of “Lock Her Up!” about Hillary Clinton — not to mention even more severe demands from the sycophants in the Trumpophile media bubble and the extremists in their party.

Oops, that was a typo. I meant to say the extremists that make up their entire party.