ABC’s “Nightline” is on in primetime tonight with an hour about psychics that is supposed to include a skeptical viewpoint, thanks to the James Randi Educational Foundation. Banachek, who oversees the JREF’s Million Dollar Challenge, will appear on the show to put some self-proclaimed psychics to the test (thanks to some protocols designed by Randi and magician Jamy Ian Swiss).

I worry that “Nightline” will fall for the likes of James Van Praagh and others who prey on the naive, probably ending the show with a line like “So, are psychic abilities real? The truth is, we just don’t know.” Of course, we do know that this is all garbage, but it wouldn’t be the first time ABC News has made paranormal con artists look good before while giving short shrift to skeptics, scientists, and debunkers.

Anyway, set your DVR for ABC at 9pm CT and we’ll see how it goes.