In September, 2021, after seeing Marc Maron at a local comedy club, I wrote:

It’s not just that Maron is funny; it’s that he’s smart, too. Unafraid to discuss subjects like the death of his girlfriend, Lynn Shelton, his father’s dementia, or his fraught relationship with his mother, Maron finds the humor in the truly personal. But he also riffs on bigger issues like the pandemic, remembering the toilet paper panic of eighteen months ago, and the time he and a friend went to a gun store determined to buy Glocks for no apparent reason.

At the time, it was clear he was honing his material for an inevitable Netflix special, but he ended up signing with HBO instead, and his hour (“From Bleak To Dark”) is now on both the cable channel and its sister streaming service HBO Max.

It’s terrific. Maron has expanded his chunks on several topics, replaced others, and uses his platform to make fun of “anti-woke” performers, Christian nationalists, and other stupid people.

Maron has been an important comedic voice for a long time, and it’s a pleasure to see him still operating at the top of his game.