These stories came across my desktop this week, and I had to share them with you…


  • If you’re a Catholic who ever put any money into the collection plate at church, do you want it back after the new allegations of over 1,000 more victims of pedophile priests? This is a perfect argument for doing away with the statute of limitations.
  • I’m a fan of the CNBC show “The Profit,” but after this story about how Marcus Lemonis manipulated some of his deals, I will watch it with a very different mindset.
  • If you’re running for office, don’t lie about something so easily checked as whether you graduated from college. There’s no shame in not doing so (I didn’t), but when you cover up your lie with a fake diploma, you deserve to be exposed.
  • Speaking of elections, you know your state’s official ballot-counting website is in trouble when an 11-year-old can hack it.
  • Finally, someone has discovered the correct way to sell bananas.