Comedian Interviews

Here’s another batch of interview transcripts from my radio show in Washington, DC, in the 1990s. These are some of the comedians who were always money-in-the-bank guests. Aside from Penn Jillette and Bob Newhart, they were club comedians who came into the studio whenever they were in town to play The Improv or the Comedy […]

Classic Rock Interviews

I was digging around in my hard drive today and found a bunch of interviews from the 1990s, when I was on the air in Washington, DC. Back then, I didn’t have a way to post the audio on this site, so our interns sat down and transcribed them for me. They remain the only […]

Steve Cropper

Harris: The 20th annual Bartenders Ball takes place this Saturday night at the Convention Center. This is traditionally the biggest bash of the year. The highlight of this year’s Bartender Ball is an appearance by the original Blues Brothers band, and joining us on the phone now is a member of that band as well […]

John Pinette

Harris: We welcome to our guest microphone now, comedian John Pinette, who had quite a VIP day today — you had lunch at the Capitol? Pinette: Yes, I did. Harris: As a guest of a major politician. Should we name this major politician? Pinette: You know, it wasn’t a big deal. It was a very […]

Will Durst

Harris: Comedian Will Durst is joining us now live from Oakland where he is interrupting a production meeting for his PBS show, Livelyhood. It ran here in Washington at the end of December and he is working on another one for a couple of months from now, but I wanted to get Will on here […]

Bob Newhart

Harris: We have comedians on this show all the time. Dozens of them, hundreds of them, have appeared on our show over the years. Very few, however, could have the title Comedy Legend added to their introduction. This man certainly deserves that. Ladies and gentlemen, here is Comedy Legend Bob Newhart, live from Los Angeles. […]